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For village Beronovo

The village Beronovo is located in the southeastern Bulgaria in Sungurlare Municipality, Bourgas District

Beronovo Village is located in a mountainous area.

The village is named afterDr. Petar Beron,  a Bulgarian writer and a teacher
author of  the first Childeren’s primer . A legend claims that   Dr. Petar Beron  often came near the river sands to  hear  the speak  of the fishes  and decided to write the  'Fish Primer ".

Cultural and natural landmarks
Near the village there is a mineral spring containing hydrogen sulfide - 9 mg / l, temperature - 13 degrees, flow rate 1 l / s and mineralization 0.58 g / l Suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders (after heating), gynecological, skin, nervous system, hypertension and others.

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